Starry Skies + Moonlit Eyes | Night Engagement Sessions: The Guide

August 23, 2023 Wedding Resources, Weddings

Welcome to this special guide tailored to our couples embarking on evening engagement sessions with us.

Join us as we delve into the intricacies of each unique session, offering insights into what to anticipate, wardrobe suggestions, and ways to make the most of your enchanting night experience.

Let's roam at night together.

The Process

what to expect

Imagine this scenario: You and your partner stepping into the world of a night adventure, almost like a specially curated date night experience.

When you show up for the session, just bring yourselves – no need to stress about anything. It's all about being in the moment and enjoying each other's company.

And sure, we'll get some great photos too.

The Outfits

wardrobe advice

Ultimately we want you to feel your best.

Dress as if you were invited to a night time wedding as a guest. You want to look dressed up but still have your style in mind.

We won't be hiking or going far from our parking areas so heels and nice shoes are totally welcome on these sessions.

Long dresses with fabric that moves in the wind = amazing.

The Look

Grooming makeup hair

Be mindful of the finishing touches that can make a world of difference in your photos.

We highly recommend considering a fresh haircut or shave before the shoot – it's those little details that can really elevate your overall look.

We have incredible hair and makeup teams we can connect you with in all different areas we do these sessions in.

The Props

what should we bring

Imagine you are going on a night time guided date night.

What would you bring along normally for that?

Maybe a snack? Or a fav blanket to cozy up in while we do some light test shots?

We don't encourage a lot of "props" to be brought on these shoots, especially anything with words like signs. They just don't read well at night.

The Furry Ones

can we bring our pet


Just know bringing your pet on the shoot changes the dynamic a bit.

If you choose to bring a pet on the shoot be sure to have everything they need to stay comfy in your vehicle during times they are not in the photos.

The Driver

drive responsibly

Some of our couples choose to pop some champagne or even smoke on their shoots.

We welcome both of these as long as you have a driver. Please ensure one of you is the driver for the shoot if the other would like to have a couple drinks to kick the nerves.

The New Moon Nights

fingers crossed for stars

New Moon Nights are when the moonlight is at it's lowest intensity and when we can generally photograph the stars.

We go forward with our shoots no matter what the weather.

These sessions are generally in dark sky areas in order to give us the best chances to photography starry skies.

The Full Moon Nights

the forests are glowing

Full Moon Nights are quite magical. It's extraordinary to see how bright the moon light can be. We especially love seeing what shadows the moonlight makes.

These sessions are generally not in the mountains as we want to be as close to the horizon as possible for when the moon rises.

*There is a lot of wildlife out these nights, be extra careful when driving.

The Weather

we are weather fearless

This image right here was taken when the wind was incredibly strong, the couple could barely stand still without being swept away.

110km winds at their back.

And look how beautiful they look.

Wild weather = AMAZING Photos.

We never reschedule.