My Mother Odette met my Father David in Mexico where he was vacationing and she was also enjoying the beach with some of her sisters.

The two of them were married in both Mexico City and Ottawa in 1983.

I was their first born child in 1986 and my sister April came a couple years later in 1988.


Hinton Alberta Canada is where I grew up surrounded by the most amazing humans.

I am still close friends with this exact group of girls pictured here as our YCMA crew in the year 2000.

A part of my heart will always remain in this small town and my circles of friends from here were some of my first ever wedding clients.

Hinton raised and very proud of it.


I started photographing weddings in 2009 and quit my day job because a fortune cookie said "You soon will change your career" and the next day... I did!

In 2012 wedding photography became my full time job.

I am pictured here at a wedding after-party, cruising the Cabo ocean after dark on a party-lit catamaran.

new talent.

When I first moved to Calgary, I contracted with a local modeling agency as one of their photographers for their new talent. I worked alongside their makeup school instructors to give their student makeup artists photoshoot experiences with the new models.

I learned a lot about proper lighting, posing, and retouching while working with this agency.

I'm starting to notice how many years in a row my hair was pink...


In 2016, I had the opportunity to study for a week in Texas, USA, with the Foundation Workshops Crew, which I found via the Fearless Photographers Community.

My friend Cassie had gone the year before and dubbed it "one of the hardest things she had ever done," and I immediately signed up after our chat.

This workshop pushed me way out of my comfort zone and completely changed how I shot weddings.

first print publication.

My first magazine cover photograph that was print published was for Calgary Bride.

I will always thank Lynn for this opportunity when she bought the magazine and invited me to shoot the cover.

This is one of my besties, Amanda, and me at a magazine launch party that same year.

free hugs.

My mother came to help me at my first wedding trade show, and she would stand in the aisle yelling, "FREE HUGS" to anyone who walked by.

When they agreed and let her hug them, she would then tell them how they should hire me, her daughter Sofia, and then usher them into my booth like a sneaky trap.

We had a record amount of bookings at that show. I'd like to think it was all the hugs.

international weddings.

Some of my fav places I have photographed weddings so far are:

Iceland. Glasgow. Vegas. Jamaica. PEI. LA. Joshua Tree. Hawaii. New Brunswick. Vancouver. Toronto. Colorado Springs. Cabo San Lucas. Sayulita. Cancun. Tulum. Puerto Vallarta. Cuba. Edinburgh. Dominican Republic. Montana. Vancouver Island.


"Why do you only give couples your best shoots? What about all the other girls?" - My Mother Odette

After this chat and a need for sessions to empower women that was different than "boudoir" photography I launched Nicturna.

These sessions have become a staple in my career and something I am so proud of.

virtual shoots.

2020. What a year eh?

I had experimented with a "virtual photoshoot" and it ended up going viral as I did it at night and it looked like a digital painting.

I found myself on video calls every night during the lockdowns doing these silly little shoots with women who at the time REALLY needed connection and a reminder that they are beautiful.

My first conference speaking gig came from these shoots.

A self portrait of myself in this style is on the left here.

first arena concert.

In 2022, I had the opportunity to photograph a concert in an arena, the largest live music photography opportunity I had ever had.

The first artist I photographed was Shawn Mendes.

I then was able to photograph many of my favorite artists, including Alanis Morissette, Pitbull, The Lumineers, Bryan Adams, Kane Brown, the CCMAs, among many others.

Birthday Twins

Both my business and my senior wiener dog Luke celebrate their 14 years.

Luke is often seen on my night photoshoots napping on the job...


My beautiful Mother Odette was guided to heaven by God on March 21st, Spring Equinox 2024.

Since this event I have had an overwhelming push to dream bigger and tell even more stories of those who inspire me.

Odi was the OG family storyteller and I will continue to honor her legacy of kindness with my own storytelling.