Embracing the Chill: Winter Weddings + Why?

October 6, 2023 Wedding Resources

Ok, here's another wedding guide you all have asked for!

Let's chat about winter weddings and put this 14 years of full time wedding photography knowledge to use today!

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Snowy Photos

Need we say more? Bring on the snow for winter weddings!

Emerald Lake Lodge Wedding Bride and Groom dance outside their reception with the snow falling in the winter.

The Boys will thank you.

I can't imagine wearing a 5 piece tailored suit would be comfortable in the heat of July.

Winter weddings are amazing for all the fellas in your life. Plus having cigars outside in the winter is a straight up vibe.

Groom and Groomsmen photo all having a cigar while outside at winter emerald lake lodge wedding

The Price

We wouldn't be being honest with you all if we didn't talk about this part of having a winter wedding. It is no secret that getting married in the warmer months comes with a higher price tag, for everything, your venue and all your vendors.

Winter weddings can be more affordable being that they are out of the busy wedding season.

bride and groom have a night photoshoot under the stars during the winter solstice in kananaskis country in winter.

Iconic Scenery

Fun little secret about winter weddings... the most iconic sceneries that are incredibly busy during the summer months will be EMPTY and you will have those scenes all to yourself for photos. You also can't beat those winter topped mountain peaks.

Pyramid Lake Island bride and groom photo during the winter

Winter Sundogs

Have you ever seen a winter sundog in the sky? They are right up there with as beautiful as the northern lights or a giant Spring rainbow.

This shot was taken when it was -45C with windchill on the shores of the iconic Lake Louise here in the Alberta Rocky Mountains.

Winter lake louise winter wedding bride and groom pose under a sundog.

Playful Vibes

Who wouldn't want a surprise skier in their wedding photos? Winter weddings are just a lot more playful and fun. We always have such a fun time with wedding parties in the snow.

Winter Night Sky

Something magical happens to the night sky for star shots. I like to believe it's the extra snowy particles in the air that make our signature night shots even more epic.

Cool + Warmth

Golden hour just hits different in the midst of an intensely cold day. The combination of warm tones on skin plus the cool backdrops make for amazing photos.

Winter Parties

Not sure if it's because everyone has been locked up inside too long in the winter months but winter weddings have the BEST dance floor parties. Maybe everyone's just trying to warm up.

Winter Decor

Cozy cabin vibes, warm hot chocolates, fuzzy blankets, candle light and wood fires are such a winter vibe. The decor can be so cozy, rich and warm during these months.