Introducing another wedding guide, specially requested by one of our fabulous brides for 2024. Thank you, Ms. B, for your suggestion.

In this guide, we'll share some helpful DO's and DON'Ts to ease your wedding jitters and debunk any feeling of not "following the wedding rules."

But here's the best part: There are no rules!

So let's dive right in.

DO: Unique Photo Locations

think outside the box

Wedding portraits don't have to be limited to scorching summer heat in a park.

Consider locations that reflect who you are as a couple. If the guys often gather at a local bar, why not capture your Groom & Groomsmen photos there?

If you envision having unique digital art as the backdrop for your couple portraits, reach out to places like Telus Spark to inquire about booking a photoshoot spot.

Remember to contact these locations in advance, providing details of your planned time & the number of people.

DONT: Fear the Weather

stop looking at the forecast

All types of weather can be beautiful. Rainbows only appear after storms.

Tips: Be ready for any weather by having clear umbrellas (that won't cast shadows on your faces) and suitable rain footwear on hand, just in case.

Create backup plans for outdoor elements of your day. For instance, if your cocktail hour is planned for a patio, ensure your venue has an indoor alternative location as a backup.

Remember, no weather can spoil the fact that you are marrying the love of your life!

DO: Stay True to Your Vision

you deserve the wedding of your dreams

Choosing vendors should be about more than just the price. It's crucial to hire a team that not only understands your vision but also supports it and earns your trust.

Your wedding day is about you, so it's essential that you love every aspect of it, from the decor to the unforgettable moments and the overall feeling it creates.

With the right team of vendors, any style or vision can come to life. If someone tells you that something isn't possible, don't be afraid to keep searching for the perfect fit.

DON'T: Worry About Your Body

your body is the least interesting thing about you

Now here's a story. This photo, that is a photo of our incredibly strong and badass bride named Sarah. This image was taken minutes before she walked down the aisle.

She had a mountain biking accident the day before her wedding. She watched her wedding dress float away from her house in the Texas floods and didn't know if half her guests would even be able to board flights to get to her Banff wedding.

You think all that stopped her from having the BEST WEDDING EVER?

Nope. And boy, was it an EPIC day.

DO: Outfit Changes

cause why not

Do you want to rock a stylish pantsuit for some photos with your crew and then switch into a gorgeous gown for the ceremony? Or perhaps you fancy a fun, short party dress to dance the night away after your first dance.

Here's the thing: there are no rules when it comes to how many outfits you can wear on your wedding day or what those outfits should look like.

So, embrace your unique personality and style, and let your wardrobe choices reflect who you truly are. It's your day to shine, and anything goes!

DON'T: Forget Alone Time

Find time for just you two

One of our favorite pieces of advice is to carve out some time in your schedule for just the two of you. It's essential to find a moment where you can take a break and simply be together.

You can have your photo or video team with you, but during this time, they should take a step back and let you enjoy each other's company without any direction.

Even if it's just 10 minutes, these precious moments of connection and intimacy will be incredibly special. We promise you won't regret it.

DO: A Room Reveal

see the reception before your guests

All the details, decor items, and hard work you've put into months of wedding planning have converged in one reception room. It's the realization of your vision, finally brought to life.

One of our favorite moments is when our couples take a sneak peek at the reception room before guests start arriving, when it's just the two of them. It's a perfect opportunity to catch your breath and appreciate the ambiance you've created.

Pro tip: Don't forget to include your photo/video team during this room reveal.

DON'T: Follow the Rules

throw out the rulebook

What does your dream wedding day feel and look like?

We've witnessed it all, and the more unique, the better. Here are some memorable moments we've loved over the years:

Twins getting married simultaneously
A Pagan wedding at midnight under a waterfall
A Lord of the Rings themed wedding
Weddings concluding with all guests in the pool

You get the idea. Break the rules and make it truly extraordinary!

DO: Take A Photo With Vendors

Love your vendors? We love you too!

No, it's not weird if you want a photo with your favorite vendors.

Remember, there are no rules!

Often, I hear from couples that the one photo they forgot to take was with their favorite DJ or planner whom they worked closely with on the wedding day.

We, as wedding professionals, truly love what we do and are the biggest fans of our couples. So, it's always adorable when our couples ask for a photo with us.

DON'T: Stress.

Let the day just be.

You are here, on your wedding day, and you've put in all the effort to ensure it's well-organized.

Now, simply enjoy. Some things may not go exactly as planned, and that's perfectly fine! You can never predict what will unfold on your special day, and that's where the magic lies.

Embrace every moment, even if your groomsman ends up hanging upside down in the limo. It will all become part of the incredible memories and stories that will forever remind you of this day.