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A Bride & Groom Embrace Under A Bright Starry Sky | Creative Wedding Photography in Alberta by Sofia Katherine & Co.
A Bride & Groom Pop Champagne At Night | Calgary's Engagement and Wedding Photography Specialists - Sofia Katherine & Co
A Bride & Groom Celebrate While Being Raised By Guests on Chairs | Calgary Storytelling Wedding Photographer
A Bride Gets Her Makeup Touched Up In The Evening | Calgary Photojournalistic Wedding Experts - Sofia Katherine & Co.
A Bride and Groom Hold Hands Underneath A Purple Starry Sky | Award-Winning Calgary Wedding Photographer - SK&Co.
A Bride & Groom Spray Champagne As They Celebrate Their Wedding - Calgary Wedding Photography for Memorable Moments
A Bride & Groom Served At Their Headtable Having a Blast with Guests | Calgary's Unique Wedding Photographer - SK & Co.
A Groom & Bride Hold Hands Before Walking On The Dancefloor | Sofia Katherine & Co, Calgary's Top Wedding Photographer
A Groomsman Hands From The Roof Of A Limousine | Capturing Memorable Wedding Moments - Sofia Katherine & Co. Photography

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established 2010



One aspect that sets us apart is our mastery of creative lighting techniques. Our expertise in this area allows us to create stunning, artful images that illuminate your love story in a way that no one else can. Whether it's the soft glow of golden hour or the ethereal ambiance of nightfall, we know how to harness the power of light to create truly magical photographs that FEEL like your wedding.

We are wedding photo lighting wizards.

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With years of experience and a passion for our craft, we have traveled the globe, capturing love stories in breathtaking locations. From intimate ceremonies to grand extravaganzas, our team of skilled photographers is adept at encapsulating the beauty and emotion of your wedding day.

We have graced the pages and covers of many luxury wedding magazines over the years.

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One thing we deeply value is allowing you to truly enjoy your wedding day. We believe that the best moments are candid and authentic, and that's why we focus on capturing genuine emotions without staged scenes. With our extensive experience in weddings, we seamlessly blend into the background, ensuring you can fully immerse yourself in your wedding day while we work our magic behind the lens.

We offer plenty of direction during your portraits but outside of that area, we just let you be.

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Ignite your love story under the mesmerizing night sky. Our captivating night-time engagement sessions bring celestial magic and ethereal romance, capturing the essence of your connection amidst the twinkling stars and the soft glow of the moon.

Have you ever been on a night sky gazing date with your love? Well good news, we’re gonna take you on one.

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A Bride & Groom State Into Each Others Eyes With A Purple Background Behind | Sofia Katherine & Co, Wedding Photographer
Testimonial: Her Passion And Genuine Love For What She Does is Truly In Every Photo | Sofia Katherine & Co. Photography
Testimonial: Congratulations! You've Just Discovered The Most Talented And Hands Down Best Photographer Ever | SK & Co.
Testimonial: Sofia Has Crazy Talent. We Honestly Can't Thank Her Enough | Calgary's Top Wedding Photographers - SK & Co.
Testimonial: Her Website Says "Hire Me I'm Nice" Which I Mean Isn't A Lie, But In My Opinion, A Gross Understatement...
Testimonial: Her Attention To Detail And Willingness To Go The Extra Mile For Those She's Working With Is Unlike Any...
Testimonial: Hire This Woman, You Will Not Be Disappointed. | Sofia Katherine & Co., Calgary's Top Wedding Photographers
Testimonial: Our Wedding Photos Are Worth Dying For. | Sofia Katherine & Co., Alberta Authentic Wedding Photographers
Testimonial: Extremely Happy With The Quality & Beauty Of The Photos We Received And Owe It All To Sofia...
Testimonial: Well Worth The Money For Priceless, and Timeless Memories. | Sofia Katherine & Co., Calgary Photographers
Testimonial: She Always Knows How To Get The Perfect Shot and Makes Your Vision Come To Life. | Sofia Katherine & Co.
Testimonial: Sofia Is Talented And Works Wonders Around Lighting | Sofia Katherine & Co., Calgary Wedding Photographers
Testimonial: The Photos Were Unbelievable | Sofia Katherine & Co., Alberta's Best Wedding Photographers in Calgary
Testimonial: She Has A Magic Eye | Sofia Katherine & Co., Calgary's Magical Wedding Day Photographers
Testimonials: She's Truly An Artist | Sofia Katherine & Co., Top Wedding & Engagement Photographers in Calgary, Alberta
Testimonial: She Becomes Part Of Your Family | Sofia Katherine & Co., Calgary Wedding Photography Low Light Experts
Testimonial: We Had Booked Another Photographer For Our Wedding, But After Seeing Sofia's Photos, We Flew Her Out...
Testimonial: You Made All Our Guests Feel So Comfortable | Sofia Katherine & Co., Calgary Wedding Photography Experts
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But wait... do you take photos during the day too?

you bet we do.



Discover wedding photo magic that transcends the Ordinary.

We can’t wait to create extraordinary photos that capture the essence of your special day, leaving you with memories that shine brighter than the stars themselves.

Let’s connect, we wanna hear how your love story started.