Hi. I'm Sof.

a digital storyteller

A fortune cookie told me to quit my day job in 2012 and since then I have been taking photos of a lot of weddings + love stories.

In 2018 I started "Nicturna Sessions" which are lunar based night photoshoots for women in Nature.

2021 came along and I found my love for pro content creation and have been working with brands, festivals, concerts and commercial projects ever since.

I get REALLY excited to tell the stories that inspire me, whether they be love stories, life stories, or brand stories.




Can often be spotted in Hinton, Jasper, Victoria and Edmonton

I travel frequently and have never hesitated to hop on a plane to capture the story of someone's wedding day or film a once-in-a-lifetime event. Don't be shy—if you've found your way to my website but aren't from the Calgary area, I'd still love to chat.




My wedding couples often feel their vision of the "Perfect Day" isn't reflected in wedding blogs and magazines. I'm inspired by couples creating their dream weddings, whether that means eloping at midnight or having a darker aesthetic for their decor. My approach is non-directed throughout the day, with well-guided portrait sessions to ensure my couples feel comfortable.

Plus your engagement session will be at night... Because... why not?


Concerts were where my photography journey first began. My friends were all talented musicians, and I always dreamed of capturing a large arena show.

In 2022, that dream became a reality with my first big show being Shawn Mendes. I have photographed many artists since and am now a media head for multiple festivals.

What a dream come true.


Launched in 2018, these lunar-based night shoots for women have become a staple of my portfolio. They were inspired by my mother Odette after a conversation about photoshoots. When women take a traditional path, they do proposal, engagement, wedding, maternity, and annual family shoots. But what about those who don’t?

Thus, Nicturna Sessions were born, empowering women to immortalize their lives and experience the night sky with me, a profoundly spiritual experience.

commercial content

After 2020, I knew it was time to diversify my portfolio. That year, I saw many new businesses emerge and others shift their focus to marketing.

My experience with weddings taught me a lot about photography, and I began working with brands, creating both photography and videography for their marketing needs.

I love discovering what drives a company and crafting content that aligns with their passion.


What happens when you mix expertise in low light photography, a love for music, and years of wedding reception coverage? Event coverage!

In 2022, Diner en Blanc, a lavish annual event, hired me and my team for video and photos. We started working on large events after this year.

No guest list or dance floor party fails to inspire me. Plus, I'm from a giant Mexican family... oodles of people on one dance floor having a great time is kind of in my blood.


One thing you MUST know about me is that I am a serious FOODIE. Ask anyone who knows me, and they'll tell you I'm a big fan of making things from scratch in the kitchen. It's practically my meditation.

I've been fortunate to travel all over the world for work, and every time I'm in a new country, I'm on the hunt for the BEST street food and ultimate foodie adventure when I'm not working.

Food photography and videography are where I feel most at home and passionate.



I quickly learned how hard "behind the scenes" content was when I tried to capture my night photoshoots using just my phone plus I was never in my own behind the scenes!

I taught myself how to shoot video on my pro cameras to post on my social media accounts.

In 2023, I officially started offering pro short films specifically shot for TikTok and Instagram, along with some coaching for clients on how to use these films.