Saturday May 25th Film Day

Focus: Game Day Action Shots

Start Time Noon

12:00 Parfait
12:30 Bartender -Tiki Cocktail being made by a bartender
1pm Model Arrives (Georgia!)

-Taco in a Bag (Veggie) - Fork full being eaten
-Popcorn Chicken - Dunking in Sauce
-Cheers Shots of Tiki Cocktail + Slushie with game in frame (shot wide)
-B-Roll with and without model of new concession stand wraps (end zone oasis, angry chicken, handpies)
-Sweet hotdog being ordered + Eat

Friday May 24th Film Day

Focus: Prep + Product Action Shots

Start Time 11am

-BBQ Chicken Pizza - Hot out of Oven Pull + Cheese Pull
-Popcorn Chicken - Tossing in Air
-Taco in a Bag (Veggie) - Ingredients falling into the bag (basically a dramatic version of making this item)
-Beef & Cheese Handpie (action shot suggestions needed from culinary)
-Tex Mex Parfait - being build / layered
-Spicy Chicken Sandwich (action shot suggestions needed from culinary)
-Sweet Hot Dog - Drizzle of Sauce + Torch Marshmallows
-Donuts - Toss in Air + Sprinkle shot

McMahon Food + Beverage Film

purpose: mobile app + showcase culinary

Filmed in Vertical optimized for mobile use.
Main focus on culinary
Main Shots: Final Dishes + Drinks all in action (in prep but also being enjoyed on game day)
Film Dates: Friday May 24th + Saturday May 25th

Film Details

30-45 Second Vertical Film
Audio: Mix of music + from the shoots, no narration
Music License: TBD (Need to connect with CSEC in house on this)
Usage: McMahon App + Social Media (with credit to @sofikatfilms)
Draft Video: Delivered May 27th (changes if any need to be communicated at this point)
Final Video: Delivered May 29th
Model on Sat Game Day: Provided with Merch to wear (borrowed) for the shoot