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Engagement Sessions / Couple's Photoshoots

Ignite your love story under the mesmerizing night sky. Our captivating night-time engagement sessions bring celestial magic and ethereal romance, capturing the essence of your connection amidst the twinkling stars and the soft glow of the moon.

Have you ever been on a night sky gazing date with your love? Well good news, we’re gonna take you on one.

But... why at night?

A Man Dips A Woman In Front Of A Waterfall At Night, Engagement Session by Sofia Katherine & Co. Calgary Photographers


Think of the most iconic mountain locations, the best views and the best spot to stand for a photo. Now, envision that very spot devoid of crowds and fellow couples vying for the same shot.

Our night photoshoots grant us exclusive access to these awe-inspiring locations, ensuring that you have the entire scenery all to yourselves.

A Romantic Engagement Session Where A Man Holds a Woman with Tattoos by Sofia Katherine & Co. Photography in Calgary, AB


There is something so romantic about being out at night with the one you love. Consider our night photoshoots as extraordinary post-dinner rendezvous.

Get ready for a unique adventure in nature, as we roam around and show you the best spots to gaze at the twinkling night sky or the light of the full moon.

A Couple Embraces Under A Waterfall, Unique Engagement Session by Sofia Katherine & Co. Photography in Alberta


Prepare for a truly unique photo gallery that will surpass any daytime captures. The ethereal beauty of our night photos will transport you back to the unforgettable adventure you shared.

Plus who doesn't love a piece of wall art that makes your family and friends go WHOA when they see it.


How long are the shoots?

They are one hour long.

What do I bring?

Anything! Drinks, a warm blanket to cozy under, sparklers or even a snack.

What do we wear?

Dress up as if you are going out for a late night date. The locations we use are all formal footwear friendly. We don't hike or head very far from our vehicles for these sessions.

What if there is "bad weather"?

First off, we think there is no such thing as “bad weather”. All weather affects the night sky differently. We are a weather fearless crew and empower you to be as well. Some of our most incredible images were from evenings where the wind was over 100km, or it was raining or snowing. Be open to whatever weather the world decides to give us that evening.

Grooming / Makeup?

We highly recommend a fresh cut, shave or visit to your makeup artist before the shoot. We have amazing artists we can recommend.

LGBTQ+ Friendly?

We love all LOVE. All couples are more than welcome on our shoots.

let's roam at night together.

Our night photoshoots are for all couples, not just those who are engaged.