Personal Post | Mom's Family Visits from Mexico | Waterton & Downtown Calgary

Hi Pals!

A lil personal blog post for you all to peek at! My mother can not travel down to Mexico City where she is from because of the decline in her health so we have been getting many visitors from down south lately! We had a large group this last Canada Day weekend come visit here in Calgary and here are just a few of my favorite images from the trip.

I took the family to my favorite spot in back country Canmore, up the spray lake road first and then that evening we watched the Canada Day fireworks from downtown by the Center Street Bridge. Next night I took all the cousins out for a night photoshoot! Uhm… and they’re all so good looking, I may be biased but seriously. Finally we took a trip to Waterton for a day and I seriously adore that little mountain town. Did you know it’s the smallest mountain national park in the Rockies? If you haven’t been yet, you should probably head there.

We surprised Mum with balloons at the end of the trip spelling out WE LOVE ODI (Her full name is Odette but everyone calls her Odi) and it was the best ending ever to an amazing time with the family.

A little bit more about me and my family for you all to see, since you know… I post all of your families all the time, I figured it was about time I show off some of mine!

xoxo Sof.

Special thanks to my boyfriend’s family Michelle and Renee for joining us on the Waterton trip and taking our group photos so I could hop in them! Was so nice to have you two there!! Was nice to have some Zeebs on the trip!!