Vivian & Joeselia's Bowness Park Calgary Wedding

These two were a dream to work with. Literally. The light we got and how happy everyone was, it really was the perfect day. I seem to see a lot of those in the summer.

I asked the girls a few questions to share with you all. Here is what they wrote about their relationship.

Favorite part of the wedding day?
For Joesel it was the singing, as she has always dreamt of singing on her wedding day.

For Vivian it was all the speeches, I thought that every single speech was so beautiful and personal, and some hilarious.

For Vivian, What did you think when you saw Jo the first time?

Our first date, we had agreed that I would pick up Joesel from work. I parked in front of her work, and saw her make her way out of the building. She looked lost but also adorable. I gave her a pack of M and Ms, her favourite chocolate.

For Joesel, what did you think when you saw Vivian for the first time?

When Joesel first saw Vivian, she thought, oh she looks so cute and charming, compared to the pictures, since we met on online dating. When she stepped in my car, she felt "safe and at home", to a point, she forgot where she lived. Jokes aside, she thought Vivian was warm and approachable, and there was an immediate connection.

Do you girls have any advice for future Sofia wedding clients?

From Vivian: relax, enjoy, feel happy. For shoots, think of your personality and let Sofia know your ideas, as she is so good at bringing them to life. PS DO NIGHT SHOOTS!

From Joesel: relax and let Sofia do the job. She knows better! Whens he recommends to do the night photoshoot, you better do it, it is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

For Vivan.

What do you love most about Joeselia?

She has a great smile :) and a loving heart

For Joeselia.

What do you love most about Vivian?

Her intelligence :) and also the way she is very responsible


Floral. Hen and Chicks

Makeup and Hair. Bellamore Beauty

Wedding Planner & Decor: Alexandra. Boutiq Weddings

Wedding Dresses. Novia Mia

Pianist & Vocals. Jon & Sheri Occasional Notes

Ceremony, Reception & Catering. Seasons at Bowness

Lighting Assistant. Dylan Foster

Thank you so much for hiring me girls. I can’t believe how kind you two are and what amazing families and friends you both have to surround you. I have so enjoyed getting to know you two and thanks for making sure Dylan and I felt super welcome on the wedding day. Was super special to be a part of this day for you two.
Happy Blog Day Newlyweds.
xo Sof.

Sofia LarocqueComment