Lindsay & Anthony's Calgary Cherry Blossom Wedding

French Fry Gang

This is what we called ourselves Lindsay, Anthony and I. We met over fries for their consult, final wedding meeting and of course on their actual wedding. Come to think of it, I think we’re overdue for a date you two? When’s our next fry adventure?

Anthony & Lindsay wanted a cherry blossom wedding. They had the most amazing spot in the city picked out to do their photos and they almost used it for their ceremony as well. Planning around these pink blossoms is not easy as they kinda come out when they want and it’s tricky to pin point the exact date. The day before the wedding I went to scout the area and the trees were still wintery looking sticks. I knew of another location I had used in the past for cherry blossom photos and thankfully it was in it’s prime with so many pink blossoms in bloom! We changed the location last minute and some of my favorite pink wedding photos are from this day to this date. Wait till you see them below.

These two had a seriously awesome day. Standouts for me were Anthony’s best friend delivering a speech in a T-REX costume (Which Anthony totes to anywhere he travels, this T-REX really should have his own Instagram he’s very worldy), the décor and beautiful job that Jacqueline did at The Ranche, The Two Bit Bandits live band did incredibly good with all their 2K and 90’s pop and rock covers and hearing the heart felt speeches both parents delivered made this such a night to remember.


My fav moment was in Lindsay and Anthony’s thank you speech when they officially asked me to be their REAL LIFE FRIEND! I legit crazy girl yelled YESSS in front of everyone. LOL!

Here are a few words from the couple:

Favourite moments: Telling Sofia the vision for our photo session prior to the wedding ceremony and watching her eyes light up in agreeance. Only to have nature foil our plans. And yet, Sofia voluntarily scouting out a new location that captures the original vision. Another favourite moment was after our engagement session, the three us having a meal together at a warm cozy restaurant, putting business aside, and conversing like old friends.

Wedding advice: On that big day, there will always be some moment, person, or event that you wanted to experience during your wedding. With all the craziness that happens, you can't do it all. Just ride that wave into a wonderful marriage!

Why Sofia is crazy: It's true - she laughs like an ostrich. Sofia uses a wonderful trick to make you comfortable and smiling: she makes you dance and make silly sounds to each other. Then her signature chuckle appears and you can't help but be in the moment - the three of you, laughing, smiling and being with the scenery.  Sofia is a hoot.

Now the list of our dream team that put this day together.

Décor & Planner: Jacqueline Rae

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Bow Valley Ranche

Officiant: Tamara Jones

Wedding Dress Store: Cameo & Cufflinks

Makeup: Bellamore Beauty

Floral: Fall for Florals

Signage & Signature Drink Artwork: Debbie Wong Design

Hair: Bleaker Beauty Erica

Cupcakes: Crave

Band: The Two Bit Bandits

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