Sabrina & James Fort McMurray Summer Wedding

I know I say this alot… but this Bride is an old pal of mine from growing up in Hinton. BUT This one is DIFFERENT! We had the tightest friendship and Sabrina even has the handwritten notes to eachother to prove it. Was super special to see these two tie the knot.

Fort McMurray was beautiful to shoot in as well. I had actually never been up north here and hint hint I will gladly come for more weddings friends!

I asked the couple to include some words and here is what they chose to share.

Sabrina’s favorite part of the day (apart from the ceremony of course) was speeches. Hearing what the people who are closest to us had to say really tugged on my heart strings, and made our special day so much more meaningful, and especially Scott’s speech - hearing him articulate how he sees us as a couple and his parents was beyond words. James’s favorite part of the wedding was getting ready! He loved being with his boys and the adrenaline of waiting for the big moment and remembers a point where he could not find anyone, so he went down to the bar, and there were his boys and half the bridal party all snuck away for a drink lol he loves it since Sabrina said NO DRINKS!

When I first seen her coming down I got a lump in my throat and hot in my face. She was beautiful and I realized in that moment that she would be mine forever.

When my father shook his hand, and I looked at this mutual embrace, I remember looking at his eyes as the sun caught them, and feeling like the entire universe had somehow managed to squeeze itself into his beautiful brown eyes. I felt so overwhelmed with happiness and contentment, and knew that for the rest of my life, I would never have to worry about being alone because this remarkable man would make sure I was always taken care of.

DEAR Future Wedding Planning Couples: Make sure that everything you choose for your big day is all about the two of you, because really that’s who it’s all about - people will get over it if they aren’t happy with a part of the wedding, but these moments are forever in your heart and memory.


Makeup. Bride’s Sister Tracy

Hair. Hair Trends Salon

Wedding Decor. Michele Gilbert

Officiant. Jim Samaroden

Bridal Gown. Bridal Debut

Groom's Attire. Bob Barrett’s Apparel

Cake. Larissa Fernandez

Lighting Assistant & Sof’s Fort Mac Sidekick. Nicole Acheson

Ceremony & Reception Venue. Stonebridge Hotel

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